We have a growing and diverse client base and our ability to tailor our services to the needs of public, private, government and international clients is fundamental to our approach.


Although each of our clients is unique, the one thing that they have in common is the need for strong relationships.  We are confident in our ability to build outstanding client relationships, coupled with expertise knowledge and excellence across a large range of services and business sectors.


So, whether you’re part of a public, private, government, or multinational organisation, you can expect that we will work as an extension of your team and deliver successful outcomes for your organisation. 


Please be advised that due to an agreement of confidentiality we can not go into further details of our cooperation. 


Here are an overview of our latest clients: 



"H & H - International provided excellent support for our investment in Nairobi, Kenya, where they constantly gave critical and vital consultation, guidance and value-added services for each and every stage of the entire proces"


Adam J. Walker, finance Manager ACCRA Invest.