We specializes in promoting investments in working business models and social enterprises in North Africa  


H & H - International was established in 2011 with the sole purpose to strengthen the business sector in North Africa. We have developed a central hub of information about North Africa. Key to any successful business or investment is knowledge. However, Nort Africa is a 
difficult place to collect valuable market intelligence. Where are here to change this. Our dedicated staff works on the ground in North Africa to compile vital information, provide technical assistance to businesses, industries; and facilitate connections between these stakeholders.


We will assist you with strategic information on successful businesses, growing industries, market analyses etc. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to see the potential of the present from the point of view of the future, which makes us able to select the most promising companies and business fields to invest in.


H & H - International helps to develop the business and investment climate in North Africa through coordinating between government, private sector, and civil society representatives. We support the progress of remittance and money value transfer companies in the region and advocate for the necessary investment and trade policies required 
to stimulate economic development.



"Wisdom is wealth"


Swahili proverb